The Cobbler’s Children

Hello again!  It is often said that the “cobbler’s children have no shoes” and often PR agencies fall victim to that same syndrome. So, after a long absence, and a visit to the PRSA International Conference in Washington this week where we realized the soles of our shoes are worn thin, my colleague Siobhan Carroll and I have been motivated to begin writing regularly for “A Good Name.”  We’ll be posting our thoughts, tips and insights on reputation management, marketing and sometimes life in general.

At the conference, among the most interesting observations on the media today, came from Jim VandeHei, Editor of He notes there have been three big changes in the media in the last several years:

  • It is exponentially more diffuse
  • The age of niche media is here (to wit Politico)
  • And people are exceedingly fickle

What does it mean for PR and your company? Simple. Any PR program must have a laser-like focus that concentrates directly on your target audience. The days of scatter-shot PR hoping for a hit on television or a major newspaper mean nothing – if your audience isn’t paying attention to those outlets.


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