Five Things I Learned as a Summer Intern at TPG

5 Things I Learned as an Intern at TPG
By Victoria Vessella, Summer 2014

If I had to summarize my four months as an intern in a word, I would describe myself as a “sponge”—I spent my days at The Perry Group constantly absorbing any new bit of information that came my way. With time and practice, I turned this information into skills that I plan to utilize in future endeavors. Although I gathered numerous skills, tips, and connections during my time as an intern, I was able to condense my summer of absorption into five areas.

First and foremost, I discovered the importance of having excellent written and oral communications skills. This point may seem obvious, but after observing how other members of the TPG team carefully choose everything they write and say, I came to understand that strong relationships and successful strategies are a result of thoughtful and purposeful communication.

Another skill that I cultivated during my internship was research. I learned that preliminary research is often required by the agency before implementing a tactic for a client. As the summer progressed, I became increasingly efficient at finding what I was searching for on the seemingly endless library of information that is the Internet.

After spending nearly four months at TPG, I observed the wide range of industries that PR agencies collaborate with. I found myself becoming an “instant expert” in several fields including technology, insurance, and fashion, just to name a few.

Although I have always had strong time management skills, working at TPG made me aware of the significance of planning ahead. I often found that tactics implemented by the agency are a springboard to another upcoming event, interview, etc. for the client. I also saw the value in following up with clients to see what tactics worked and what did not.

Lastly, I appreciated the opportunities I had this summer to expand my network. Whether it was in the office, on-site, or over the phone, I interacted with professionals from a variety of fields that I most likely would never have connected with had it not been for this internship.

Victoria Vessella is a Junior at Suffolk University in Boston, majoring in Communications. She is studying abroad in Europe for the Fall semester.10559902_10152648435801995_8516427633543790992_n[1]


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