5 ways to create a buzz for your event

by Deb Weinreich, Senior Counselor

You’ve secured a venue, lined up an exciting guest speaker and obtained a title sponsor. The legwork is done, but the hard work is far from over. Now you must create awareness and get people to attend your event for it to be a complete success. There are endless ways to generate excitement, buzz and attendance. Here are a five ways I’ve found to be successful:

1. Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. These platforms are free, easy to use and effective – if utilized the right way.

Across all social media platforms make sure your posts are interesting, timely, relevant and are visually appealing. Include video, logos and/pictures that relate to your event. Create a hashtag and use it in every post and encourage followers to utilize it in their posts as well. Create awareness and engage reporters and media outlets by tagging them in posts. Always include a link to the website where follow can find additional information and/or register for the event.

2. Giveaways – Generate a buzz and engage and build your audience by creating a giveaway or contest. (Prizes can be a ticket/entry to your event and/or a t-shirt that provides additional promotion).

3 .Traditional media outreach. The obvious first step is to create a press release and issue to the media. Keep in mind, editors, reporters and assignments desks receive a tremendous amount of emails daily. Following up is crucial.

Now take the next step and find a unique and interesting story angle and pitch it as an advance to the media to generate buzz BEFORE your event. Again, media follow up is key.

4. Event lists. They are included on most media outlets websites. Use them.

5. Go back to your roots. Grassroots marketing is effective. Post fliers and distribute brochures at locations/sites where your audience may frequent.

Your event is over and it was a huge success. It was well attended and you generated significant media coverage….but that certainly doesn’t mean the buzz has to stop. If there is a interesting story that emerged from the event, reach out to the media and push for a post-event feature. Blog, post pictures and video, engage those who attended and share, share, share all the media coverage you received.

So here are 5 ways to promote your event…We’ve merely scratched the surface. Want to know more?  Drop us a note at info@perrypublicrelations.com

Deb Weinreich is a Senior Counselor at The Perry Group, specializing in Media Relations. An award winning-journalist, Weinreich has extensive experience in public relations, sports marketing and communications.


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